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Senior Director,Catherine Kummer,NASCAR Green is on talking about how NASCAR has implemented solar powered race tracks,drivers using biofuel and much,much more. Don't miss this show! Listen on WGST 640am/ iHeart Radio 9-10a EST. Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

GreenLaw Georgia's Environmental Law Firm that has been fighting for environmental justice will be celebrating 25 years on May 4th.Executive Director DM Paule and Board Member Joanne Chu are back on the show this Sunday to share the history and the future of GreenLaw representing Georgians and the environment.Tune in Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

The Mayors Climate Summit Series resumes.Elizabeth,New Jersey is next up in the Series.Mayor Chris Bollwage is on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio,this Sunday,9-10am EST talking about how efficient the city is running,a $800 million economic redevelopment plan,the "Go-Green" initiatives in housing and transportation and how Elizabeth is positioning to be one of the most sustainable cities on the East Coast.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl.

Earth Day 2017 is the world's largest Celebration in Dallas,TX.CEO,Ryan Brown talks this Easter Sunday on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio 9-10a EST about this great event that grows every year also Lance Robertson and John Rogers are in studio talking about the Vine City English Ave Earth Day Festival and how they are making a difference in the community by cleaning up and "greening up",tune in to hear how you can

The Mayors' Climate Summit Series resumes this week with Zach Baumer,Climate Program Manager,City of Austin,Texas on Sunday,9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio.Austin is known around the country for great technology companies and their commitment to sustainability.Tune in to hear how the citizens and business community work together to keep Austin "green".Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Mitch Hedlund,CEO,Recycle Across America is on this Sunday talking about how they are going to "revolutionize recycling" in the United States by using a standardized labeling campaign to modify our behavior and spread awareness.Tune into WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio 9-10a EST.Listen to all podcast and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

GreenLaw Executive Director,DM Paule and GreenLaw Board Member,Joanne Chu are back this Sunday talking Georgia environmental justice issues,the update in the current "Water Wars" between Georgia,Alabama and Florida also the effects of the coming budget cuts of the EPA on our environment.Tune in Sunday 9-10a EST.Listen to all podcasts on and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Listen to this spectacular,informative show with World renowned Marine Biologist,Dr.Alistair Dove of the Georgia Aquarium talk about Climate Change,plastics pollution in our oceans and the Georgia Aquarium,which is the largest in North America.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl.

Atlanta Regional Commission(ARC) Executive Director,Doug Hooker is in studio talking about some of the sustainability projects they plan in a 10-county area in metro Atlanta.We'll also get a broad overview of Aerotropolis,whose strategic development in proximity to Hartsfield Jackson Airport(world's busiest) will have a economic impact on Atlanta of $35 billion and 64,000 jobs.