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Scott Jenkins,Chair,Green Sports Alliance is on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio this Sunday 9-10a EST talking about the 181 teams,188 venues,15 professional and collegiate leagues that practice sustainability around the world.They will all meet in Sacramento,CA June 26-29th at the Green Sports Summit,tune in to hear how sports and sustainability are integrated.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Pete Krull,CEO,Earth Equity Advisors,is on talking how you can "green up" your portfolio with sustainable and social investments.If you are interested in leaving a financial legacy for your family through clean energy and a healthy planet for future generations.Don't miss this valuable information.Listen Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio and listen to all podcasts Follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Tune in to hear what has the fans cheering besides baseball and the Braves at SunTrust Park in Atlanta. Rex Hamre, VP,Sustainability,Jones Lang LaSalle(JLL) will be on WGST 640am/iHeart Radio this Sunday 9-10a EST talking the environmental attributes of SunTrust Park and what makes it one of the most sustainable venues in Major League Baseball. Listen to all podcasts and follow me Twitter @greenguyatl

Dave Paule and Dr.Joanne Chu of GreenLaw,Georgia's environmental law firm are back this week talking about Georgia's coastal issues and what is effecting the marshlands and the habitat on the shores,they also tell you about some hot spots to visit this summer in Georgia.Tune in Sunday 9-10am EST on WGST 640am/iHeart Radio.Listen to all podcasts on iTunes and Follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

The Mayors' Climate Summit Series resumes this week and Orlando,FL is next up in the Series.City of Orlando,Sustainability Director,Chris Castro is on WGST640AM/iHeart Radio Sunday,9-10a EST talking about what makes Orlando one of the most sustainable cities in the country and having innovative programs that allow residents and businesses to finance energy saving systems and solar panels.Tune in to hear about the Green Works Orlando Initiative.Listen to all podcasts

Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Dave Williams,Vice President of Government Affairs and Infrastructure is on talking,expanding critical infrastructure in Atlanta, transit issues,developing greenspaces and collaborations with (P3) Public-Private Partnerships in Atlanta,Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio.Listen to all podcasts @greenguymedia and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

Senior Director,Catherine Kummer,NASCAR Green is on talking about how NASCAR has implemented solar powered race tracks,drivers using biofuel and much,much more. Don't miss this show! Listen on WGST 640am/ iHeart Radio 9-10a EST. Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

GreenLaw Georgia's Environmental Law Firm that has been fighting for environmental justice will be celebrating 25 years on May 4th.Executive Director DM Paule and Board Member Joanne Chu are back on the show this Sunday to share the history and the future of GreenLaw representing Georgians and the environment.Tune in Sunday 9-10a EST on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl

The Mayors Climate Summit Series resumes.Elizabeth,New Jersey is next up in the Series.Mayor Chris Bollwage is on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio,this Sunday,9-10am EST talking about how efficient the city is running,a $800 million economic redevelopment plan,the "Go-Green" initiatives in housing and transportation and how Elizabeth is positioning to be one of the most sustainable cities on the East Coast.Listen to all podcasts and follow me on Twitter @greenguyatl.

Earth Day 2017 is the world's largest Celebration in Dallas,TX.CEO,Ryan Brown talks this Easter Sunday on WGST 640AM/iHeart Radio 9-10a EST about this great event that grows every year also Lance Robertson and John Rogers are in studio talking about the Vine City English Ave Earth Day Festival and how they are making a difference in the community by cleaning up and "greening up",tune in to hear how you can